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Immunizations What you should know

One of our services at CNS is doing immunization clinic’s. There’s a great deal of talk about immunizations, why you should get them done and the risk factors involved. Here’s a link from the CDC about the top 10 things you should know about immunizations. If you have questions and want more information please check out our website and get a hold of us at cns-cares.org.


CNS Has Walk In Immunization Clinics

CNS has their Winter Walk-In Clinics Mon, Wed & Fri through December 17th. There are people out there who always get their flu shot, every year without fail. But then there are those who hum and ha about if it’s a good idea or not. Here’s a link to the CDC’s website with information regarding facts about getting a seasonal flu shot Key facts about flu shots.

If you are looking to get a flu shot in the Northern Utah area check us out at www.cns-cares.org.

Winter Walk-In Immunization Clinic

Community Nursing Services announces their winter walk-in immunization clinics. Any immunization that you are looking for, flu shots, pneumonia shots, travel immunizations, even flu shots for kids can be done at these clinics. You may want to call ahead to the location that you are going to make sure they have the immunization that you are looking for.  Clinic Locations

Hours are Monday 10 am – 5 pm, Wednesday 12:00 noon – 7 pm, and Friday 10 am-5 pm.  These clinics go from November through December 17th. We won’t have walk in clinics after December 17th so get your flu shots and other immunizations now! CNS-Cares.org